March 31, 2009


I have just stumbled onto that picture taken on a sunny day. It looks like even the sun can't have sometimes that power to lift up the spirit but leaves you in a dream that went to sleep a long time ago.

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March 29, 2009

Spotlight on Light Spot

Really, it was just about the light(beautiful), it also looked attractive on the wooden floor and I needed a photo. The sandal was sitting there. It served me right. Only for the light. Only the light.

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March 28, 2009

Fashionable Fitness

Remnants of Street photography which won't be my focus no more. Attention will still be there. Can't obliterate a look, a reflex that became natural.

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March 27, 2009

Ethereal Flame

When I felt I wasn't connected to the world or society around me I would establish connection by searching outside in the streets what I felt inside. Through the photographs I would document my moods, my aspirations, I would express my sense of beauty. I would sublimate.Thus, I was documenting myself. The photos I retained from that period, they talk about me, but scenes are performed by others, persons, objects, locations, scenic shots.It would create and a link and a system, and a portal. My theater.
Now that I'm ready to act my life and perform instead of watching others performing theirs for me, my photography is no longer documenting me. It now deals with Aesthetics and creativity, it has become a fine Art. I 'm finally accepting and understanding the fact that it is what I am and I can no longer refuse it. Not acknowledging that important fact had me fooling around and falling behind.
My Abstract photography marks the playing of my whole act and it looks and feels beautiful already.

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March 26, 2009

Anybody here?

Geographic location--> residential with nobody almost in sight. People found in supermarkets mostly. I don't document shopping habits. Maybe I should. What's left is the decorum of the residential suburbia. Creepy just like that ghostly tissue hanging from that tree. That's what I'm looking at. That's probably a source of explanation of what I do now. Without being thrilled but somehow relieved,I see that abstract in photography seems to be a "norm ",i.e became a formal trend of contemporary photography. I see abstract studies in any genre of photography. Motivations might be different from one photographer to another.

Any highly competitive photographic contest has that category and you should see. Check out for instance.

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March 25, 2009

Opening Mind

I am reading articles about Photography and Abstraction. I slowly digest the info and reasoning and actual conclusions. It also triggers thoughts about my new direction, new photography I'm trying to own, to understand where it comes from. Don't you think it is important? Are we not already saturated with images imposed to us that we should know why we're creating our own.
To top it off we are enslaved via images selling us ideas and ideals of happiness, comfort, and lifestyles that we should strive to reach. The model. They are so well-crafted that some people must really think their lives stink. Brrr! Too bad really.
So I'd like to know why I've gone from documentary style-like to abstract photography. What am I going through here?
Are you in that kind of motion in your artistic area?

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March 24, 2009


A stand alone which could be worked as a series. The subject doesn't motivate me though. Stand alone it is. Some sensations are unique in their happening, left is the sought after expectations of feeling that thing again. So maybe I'll find another one someday. It's maybe that thing that gets people goin'round towns, cities chasing windows. I look up high sometimes just because nothing's happening street level, but it's rare. Only for beautiful clouds and a pure blue sky.

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March 23, 2009

Dots & Stains

This is more like the evolution process of viewing and experimenting a subject before opportunity and circumstances vanished. (I was at a traffic light about going to go green anytime). Or it maybe how a series can bring itself about(See 2 previous posts). This might also be an element of a work in progress which consciousness is just starting to reveal. Or I am slowly , as I speak, realizing that I have been producing and adding different visual pieces to the same body, the same puzzle.
Whether true is not so important now. But to try to see an existing link between other visual pieces I made before, that my mind sees now, is.
So a series can be circumstancial...

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March 22, 2009

Colored Rain (#!)

I feel that a gallery is bound to represent you, to take you on board if somehow they feel that your work can hold a distance, a space. If your work got some strength and stamina, and that magnetic quality, entice buyers. Series preferred. A specialization. A theme. I guess it helps building a multi-faceted relationship. A face for the gallery/artist bind, another for gallery/art-buyers bind through artists and the artist and his work/theme/subject. Could the latter lead one artist to be pidgeonholed or pidgeonhole himself to some kind of work? For assurance?
And what about just consistency in quality as a foundation ?
I want to pinpoint a strategy to get into gallery, so I'm pondering...Might be a good thing to go about asking gallery owners around what they look for. I'll try that and test their waters.

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March 21, 2009

Colored Raindrops (#?)

I think some of us work like painters. They in time come up with a signature-style. And also work series. It serves, I think, two purposes: it gives strength and depth to a work in progress, a Body; and it affirms a style, a signature.The latter is important(I'm not convinced but...) and sought after by many.Let's also note that sometimes it comes out as a complete fraud( no real object or perhaps that we can make beautiful out of everything.What's new. Try to have good taste). But as painters can apply their signature to different subjects. Can it be done in photography? Could it be recognizable if applied to different subjects?
Portraiture and fashion are areas where you can definitely shape, fashion a signature. It is done.
Seems harder in other areas.I got names though in my head that brings elements supporting the fact that it can be done. But we can recognize a work and a photographer associated with it mostly when serial. I might have touched the nerve that gallery owners move by.
I'll push further on that later...

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March 20, 2009

This is a man's world

Was I the only one to see that woman? Could that shot advocate for invisible undies 2? Man ,these aftershot details!

Anyway. Could someone tell me what it is that drives army of photographers to go around shooting square format or not and capturing almost alike scenes with posts in mid-still-waters, one with a top flirting with the horizon(most of the time dividing the photograph into even halves!), sometimes replaced by boulders or a rock or a lone tree or a sun-beat walkway ending in water? Where does that homogeneity in image-making come from? What's the meaning of it? I know about repetition in photography but here...
Are we all looking in the same directions now? And/Or is it simply that the shooting recipe's good for all but the scope of photographic objects is so narrow that many end up shooting the same postcard?
...I still ponder and I'm wondering...Anyone...?

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Forget Me...Not!

Do you think it is really important, mandatory for a photographer to work series like we often see? I do understand that series are sometime needed to shape a view and guide viewers. I think what I want to know is whether it is mandatory in order to have your work considered successfully by gallery owners or collectors who want to know what your project is about. Couldn't it be only so subjective and sensation-driven that the project would be simply to gather good images? Because one can understand that depending on the nature and subject of your photography, series occurs or not. And building a body of work with a theme varies in time for photographers.

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March 19, 2009

M Street NW

In my memory, that image is among the first ones I did when I got back shooting b+w in the u.states. That info is important to me now because, first I haven't shot that much b+w and also when I did it was never in good conditions. Can't do real good b+w shooting while driving around. Hence poor production or "deja vu" which is poor production 2.
That shot, while not being a wonder, is what got close to what I consider being on the way to feel good 'bout doing Street Photography. Damn! Bon Sang! I miss being out there!
This got me doing a lot of color which is easy and has always on top of that been easier to get processed lately. And with digital capture first we see and mostly think color.(I've converted some, but still it don't come as naturally as it does when you're 100% into it(=b+w)). So color is...

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March 17, 2009


Framed. Too busy taking, not enough time to reflect on what I'm actually doing. Pictures piling up. Stacks made from one father but with no connections, just a collection. Framed. It felt like producing, but now I face the fact that it was consuming. I really didn't get lasting satisfaction so I would go at it again, and again. Aimlessly driven. Following. I still do just as now, blogging. But I know now what I'm doing.

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It's only after dealing with the colors and seeing past the colors that I laid eyes on her face and gazed at her expression. The tension in her eyes, moving forward.There might be more to tell but that's all for now.

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March 16, 2009

Radioactive Red

Is it pertinent to state that knowing the kind of film you're using leads you to photograph certain subjects seen under certain conditions a certain way?
Can it even drive your eyes so that they consider photographic objects you had never thought could be in your photography?

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It was definitely about colors...and lines shaping rectangles. As for the composition, it was my choice(hose line) plus the sheer magic of a 135mm telephoto(a preferred framer) combined with the sheer luck of being a front liner at the traffic stoplight and it being red of course.

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March 15, 2009

Women in Blue

Sometimes reality joins fiction and vice versa. And sometimes you're just lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, and grateful that you brought your camera in your car.

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Urban Sunset

I had a glimpse of a sunset happening while obviously turning my back on it and missing a chance to see it.But it was still glaring in my direction so I took a piece.

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March 14, 2009

Fortune Teller

A quick draw. As for the title...sometime you wish you could know about things to happen.

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March 13, 2009

Widescreen Cinematic

The conditions under which I shot photos these past years and quite a bit of a state of mind I was in until a year ago got me to develop what I see as "Emergency Photography".A real need to maintain photography alive, you can lose touch so quickly.
During that period I also used a lot of slide film processed as negative film. Opportunity arose to do so and it could push some creativity out of me maybe.It was worth trying anyway.

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STOP & GO Photography

Not having the time I want to photograph sometime, I develop the habit to shoot while driving places I need to go. It has limitations only if you think it has. Developing a theme doesn't come first but being motivated to squeeze the most out of a short stop is the thing in itself.
Photos posted starting 2 dayz ago will reflect that "On the GO Photography" until otherwise stated.
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March 11, 2009

Blue design

I didn't find time to even look at what I photographed today while running some errands.I shoot while driving.It's a strange way to photograph. The reason is the lack of time so I'm trying to shoot whenever I can and when I do get out I'm always driving.I'm trying and have been trying to maintain street photography to an active level, genre that I love so much but can't get much of.

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March 10, 2009

X-ray rabbit

I don't know why I've waited so long to do this. But I'm on and you're on too.
Time for me to get to know how to spread out and get the notion of how to get to you, photographers, artists photographers and artists or not but somewhat linked to the Art world out there.
Briefly, I am actually trying to redefine my photography. I want to distinguish between my photographic perception and vision, and put the finger on my vision because I know I have shifted and need redefinition. I also try to get a grip on what's going on in Photography. Defined trends and markets(and why?), tenors of the photography(and why?) to know where all this is heading. I try to peruse art magazines but time sometimes 's slipping out it just takes me somewhere else. I need some food for thought that comes from elsewhere than my own. I almost forgot. I will post some photos from time to time, catches of my wandering perception.Then & Now.

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