March 10, 2009

X-ray rabbit

I don't know why I've waited so long to do this. But I'm on and you're on too.
Time for me to get to know how to spread out and get the notion of how to get to you, photographers, artists photographers and artists or not but somewhat linked to the Art world out there.
Briefly, I am actually trying to redefine my photography. I want to distinguish between my photographic perception and vision, and put the finger on my vision because I know I have shifted and need redefinition. I also try to get a grip on what's going on in Photography. Defined trends and markets(and why?), tenors of the photography(and why?) to know where all this is heading. I try to peruse art magazines but time sometimes 's slipping out it just takes me somewhere else. I need some food for thought that comes from elsewhere than my own. I almost forgot. I will post some photos from time to time, catches of my wandering perception.Then & Now.

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